A classic right from the outset. A legend to this day.


Viva la vida! Viva SALITOS!

True to the motto ‘Viva la vida! Viva SALITOS!’ the lifestyle brand with its South American flair develops legendary products for the different market requirements throughout the world. This passion for craftsmanship and uncompromising quality of taste is the basis for international success in over 55 countries.

Strong sales

Over 30 million bottles sold



All varieties increased by 79% in 2022

Full contact

More than 684 million social media contacts

Awarded by the industry

More variety

Everything inside is for the best taste!

SALITOS offers a diverse portfolio and sets standards with successful flavours and a unique look. As a result, SALITOS has become one of the leading brands in an extremely fast-growing segment. SALITOS always impresses with new ideas, unparalleled passion and strong ideas for above-average sales.

The spirit of tequila

SALITOS goes back to the roots

SALITOS on Instagram

Kannst du den erfrischenden Geschmack von SALITOS ICE schon auf deiner Zunge spüren? 🍹☀️ Kommentiere unten, wie du den Sommer am liebsten mit SALITOS ICE genießt!
Sommer in Sicht! 🌞🌊 Bereit für die nächste SALITOS Beach Party? 🎉🍹 Wer war dabei und wer will es diesmal nicht verpassen? Hände hoch in den Kommentaren! 🙌
Is it summer yet? Because we're counting down the days! 🌞🌊 Get a sneak peek of the SALITOS spirit embracing our soon-to-launch fashion line. Stay tuned for styles that scream summer freedom and beach vibes.
Music @as_manko. Moments captured by @majomatic @aarondormer
Ride the SALITOS wave to a world where every day is a beach day and freedom tastes like summer 🌞🏄‍♂️. From dawn patrol surf sessions to sunset beach parties, SALITOS is your ticket to a never-ending summer. VIVA LA VIDA VIVA SALITOS
Music @as_manko. Moments captured by @majomatic @aarondormer
Summer's just a SALRITA away! 🍹☀️ Here´s how to mix up your own tropical escape: 3cl SALITOS Tequila Silver, 3cl JOHN´S Mango, 4cl JOHN´S Kiwi, ice cubes and one bottle of SALITOS Tequila.
Who needs a beach when you've got the recipe for endless summer vibes right at home? #SALRITA #SummerInAGlass #DIYBeachDay
Caught a wave and it turned into SALITOS Blue! 🌊💙 Ever wonder what the ocean would taste like if it went to a party? Dive into a bottle of SALITOS Blue and find out - it's like surfing a tidal wave of flavor without getting your feet wet! #OceanInABottle #SALITOSBlue
Who said pink is just for Wednesdays?🍹👊 Real men know that SALITOS Pink is the secret ingredient to unleashing their inner party legend. So, cheers to flipping stereotypes one SALITOS Pink at a time - because let's face it, it takes a real man like @gigibirofio  to rock a drink that's as bold as it is pink! #PinkPower #RealMenDrinkPink #SALITOSChallenge
Real men drink pink! 🍹💪 Grabbing a SALITOS PINK isn’t just about enjoying the sweet taste of victory; it’s about owning the color like a boss. Who says pink is just a color? With SALITOS, pink it an attitude. Don’t trust us? Ask @gigibirofio
Throwback zu @cenkgooo legendärer Tour, powered by SALITOS! 🚀🎉 Erinnert euch mit uns an die wildesten Partys, unvergessliche Nächte und pure Lebensfreude, die wir gemeinsam gefeiert haben. #cekngoundsquadtour #heilbronn #salitosbeer #salitostequila #salitosice #salitosoriginal #partyhard
What is your prediction about this years game? Enjoy watching it with SALITOS 😎✨
Choose your character: Which SALRITA are you today? 🍹💃 From classic and smooth to wild and colorful, we've got a flavor for every mood. Tell us your pick in the comments! #SALRITAChoice #PickYourFlavor #SALITOSStyle

We are the turbo for success

We are the specialists for creative marketing solutions and successful brand management. With our in-depth expertise in the gastronomy, we make our brands emotionally tangible on the scene over and again. This is where the brands of the MBG Group are at home. This is where their journey begins. This is where they become successful. In two of the three properties in Germany’s top restaurants, our brands are on the menu and generate tasty sales.


Over 8,900 gastronomy customers

Turbocharged sales

Over 1,500 connected beverage wholesalers

Top gastronomy

Almost 70% of Germany’s top restaurants trust us


POS expertise across the board

Taking place in nightlife, we present our brands as unique experiences. This way, they are recognised and loved in retail. MBG Group brands are available at 40,000 food retailers. A further 800 beverage wholesalers and over 12,000 petrol stations have listed the successful brands. Thanks to specialists’ comprehensive brand support, the retail sector achieves top results without comparison.


We support over 40,000 retail customers

Turbocharged sales

We support over 50 key account centres

Petrol stations

We supply over 12,000 filling stations

Brand Management
Theresa Steltenkamp
Phone +49 5251 546 0

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