MBG Group

Companies in the MBG Group

The MBG Group consists of companies that continuously scan their markets. They scour the segments, identify trends and create the upcoming successful brands. Our specialists don’t only know the right direction, but also the fastest route to get to the consumer We are opening up new areas of business and expanding our brand portfolio all over the world.


Sales of €500 million
by 2025

With rapid growth, the MBG Group is opening up new markets around the world. Our brands are now sold in more than 58 countries. Top locations and leading trading partners rely on our brand portfolio and MBG’s international sales expertise. We are on the right track in all regions. Our brands impress with dynamic growth, global impact and sovereign strength in local markets. And they are impressing more and more people on all continents.

Millions in sales

Over 240 million annual sales in 2022


We are active in 58 countries with our brands

2025 sales target

For 2025, we are planning to generate global sales of €500 million