Pure spirit

Crystal Head Vodka

High-quality crystal with the potential to become a star

Created by Hollywood legend Dan Aykroyd, this ultra-premium vodka is one of the purest in the world. It owes its special purity to sevenfold filtration using 500-million-year-old quartz crystals. The distillate is then mixed with water from a glacial lake on Newfoundland.

Particularly pure

500-million-year-old quartz crystals are used during filtration

Pure filtration

Sevenfold filtration for a particularly pure and mild taste

Pure Spirit


40% vol. highlights the flavour intensity of the citrus fruits

Awarded by the industry

Unmistakably pure

With the finest ingredients and innovative filtration

Crystal Head Vodka provides a particularly high level of purity, which is guaranteed by the use of unique ingredients, no additives and the elaborate manufacturing process. Both the elegant taste and the eye-catching skull bottle design will stick with spirits lovers.

Brand Management
Andreas W. Herb
Phone +49 5251 546 0

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