Passione and Tradizione


Traditional wines with a modern twist

The entire SCAVI & RAY product family is synonymous with Italian joie de vivre and uncomplicated enjoyment at its very best. This also includes the high-quality wine range, which perfectly underlines the comprehensive wine expertise of SCAVI & RAY.

Popular everywhere

SCAVI & RAY is sold at 50,103 distribution points


In Germany, 4,227 catering partners sell SCAVI & RAY products


SCAVI & RAY is available in over 25 countries

Awarded by the industry

Unique collection

A wine for every occasion

SCAVI & RAY inspires customers around the world with unique brand experiences. It is not only the sparkling wines, but also the wide variety of wine creations that set standards when it comes to taste. Not only do they impress with their delicate taste, but the bottle designs are also eye-catchers.

The world of SCAVI & RAY

Italian joie de vivre at its absolute best

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Tauche ein in die Welt des SCAVI & RAY Ca'Scavi Lugana DOC und erlebe puren Genuss in jedem Schluck.🍾☀

Immerse yourself in the world of SCAVI & RAY Ca'Scavi Lugana DOC and experience pure enjoyment in every sip. 🍾☀
 #scaviray #lugana #genusspur
Entdecke die vollmundigen Aromen des SCAVI & RAY Primitivo Salento IGT und lass dich von seiner intensiven Fruchtigkeit verführen.🍷✨ 

Discover the full-bodied flavours of the SCAVI & RAY Primitivo Salento IGT and let yourself be seduced by its intense fruitiness 🍷✨
#scaviray #primitivo #wein
Momente des Glücks, gefeiert mit einem Hauch von Luxus. Unser Ice Prestige sorgt für funkelnde Erinnerungen 🥂✨

Moments of joy celebrated with a touch of luxury. Our Ice Prestige ensures sparkling memories. 🥂✨

#scaviray #WeddingBliss #wedding
Sogno Fiori - der perfekte Wein für den Sommer!☀️💐

Sogno Fiori - the perfect Wine for the Summer!☀️💐
Let’s Talk About Sogno Fiori: Anette, unsere Weinexpertin, enthüllt die Geheimnisse unseres neuen Sommerweins. Sie verrät euch den Trend hinter diesem Wein und erklärt, warum er der perfekte Begleiter für jeden Sommermoment ist. Genießt die leichte Perlage und die fruchtige Frische, ideal für heiße Tage und laue Nächte. 🌸🥂

#scaviray #letstalk #sommertrend
Genieße den unvergleichlichen Luxus des SCAVI & RAY Ice Prestige Spumante - der perfekte Begleiter für besondere Momente und erfrischende Genussmomente. 🥂☀

Enjoy the unrivalled luxury of SCAVI & RAY Ice Prestige Spumante - the perfect companion for special moments and refreshing indulgence. 🥂☀
#scaviray #iceprestige #summervibes
Salute auf die Liebe und unvergessliche Erinnerungen 🥂🤍

Salute to love and unforgettable memories 🥂🤍

#scaviray #weddingshoot #spumante
Get ready to light up the night with Luminoso 🍾💚✨

#scaviray #nightlife #nightclub
Unser Sogno Fiori entführt dich an einen Ort sonniger Leichtigkeit und blumiger Frische ☀️🌸🥂

Let our Sogno Fiori take you away to a place of sunny lightness and floral freshness ☀️🌸🥂

#scaviray #summer #wine #winelover
Lass dich vom prickelnden Geschmack von SCAVI & RAY Limoncello 🍋

Let yourself be enchanted by the sparkling flavour of SCAVI & RAY Limoncello! 🍋 
#lachenistgesund #scaviray #limncello #lachenistgesund
Tauche ein in die spritzige Welt von SCAVI & RAY Prosecco DOC Rosé Spumante und erlebe prickelnde Genussmomente! ☀🍾

Immerse yourself in the sparkling world of SCAVI & RAY Prosecco DOC Rosé Spumante and experience tingling moments of pleasure! ☀🍾
 #scaviray #proseccorose #spumante #genusspur

We are the turbo for success

We are the specialists for creative marketing solutions and successful brand management. With our in-depth expertise in the gastronomy, we make our brands emotionally tangible on the scene over and again. This is where the brands of the MBG Group are at home. This is where their journey begins. This is where they become successful. In two of the three properties in Germany’s top restaurants, our brands are on the menu and generate tasty sales.


Over 8,900 gastronomy customers

Turbocharged sales

Over 1,500 connected beverage wholesalers

Top gastronomy

Almost 70% of Germany’s top restaurants trust us


POS expertise across the board

Taking place in nightlife, we present our brands as unique experiences. This way, they are recognised and loved in retail. MBG Group brands are available at 40,000 food retailers. A further 800 beverage wholesalers and over 12,000 petrol stations have listed the successful brands. Thanks to specialists’ comprehensive brand support, the retail sector achieves top results without comparison.


We support over 40,000 retail customers

Turbocharged sales

We support over 50 key account centres

Petrol stations

We supply over 12,000 filling stations

The SCAVI & RAY Winery stands for la dolce vita in a glass. Special wines for special moments and perfect Italian-style indulgence.

Anette Lambert, Diploma in Wines and Spirits (WSET London),
Senior Brand Manager SCAVI & RAY

Brand Management
Anette Lambert
Diploma in Wines and Spirits (WSET London)
Phone +49 5251 546 0

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