The water of connoisseurs


Mineral water in its purest form

Good water doesn’t have to be imposing, but rather impresses with its balance and class. ACQUA MORELLI, the premium mineral water from the Ligurian Alps, comes from the Bauda spring at an altitude of about 1,000 metres above sea level. Purity, freshness and low mineralisation make ACQUA MORELLI the perfect companion for fine dining.


Available at 1,365 retail distribution points

Best companion

Available in 6,540 catering facilities


Only 39.9 mg mineral content per litre

Awarded by the industry

Pure, Italian mountain water

Multifaceted flavour and elegant design

ACQUA MORELLI is the mountain water from the Italian ‘Alpi Marittime’, which is characterised by its particularly low mineral content. The deep-blue glass bottles of ACQUA MORELLI attract attention and underline the exquisite indulgence inside from the outside.

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Der perfekte Begleiter 💙
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Purest Italian Water 💙
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Water is life. Life is art. Art is emotion. Emotion is luxury. Luxury is water 💙
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The purest water, in the most beautiful bottle. 💙
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Water with a touch of luxury 💙
Perfection has many forms - this is one example! 😍
Why should you settle for just water when you can enjoy Italy's finest? 😊💙
We love Acqua Morelli 💙
Enjoy it 💙

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